Forgive somebody without a Sorry


How to forgive without a sorry

In the soul of a lot of people the childhood left some marks. Some are bigger, some smaller.
Our parents did often the best that they could, to help us become good persons and it is ok to make mistakes as a parent.

In my case my mother didn’t want me to make her own mistakes at all cost. From this good cause she formed me the way, she wanted me to be and did so much damage to me. The marks she left are still in me today.

How do you forgive a person who doesn’t recognize the mistakes or is not present anymore?

Without a sorry? I was busy in therapie for a lot of years to work on this particular question.Then I met a very special woman, Bianca Nazir, who changed my life.
She told in one of her workshops that rejection and hate towards our parents, means rejection and hate towards ourselves. A part of us, is and will be a part of our parents.
It is not that I never thought about it or heard it before, but in this moment, I really could feel and understand it.Everything in disappointment and anger has to do with our expectation’s for the other person. We can’t expect other people to handle things like we do. Some people are only able to give 50% from what we are able to. If we expect too much we are disappointed or angry.

Lower the expectations and forgive your parents even without a sorry!! You will feel so much better. I felt like free after this!




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